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ITB Speed Networking Event 2018

Date: 8 March 2018

Time: tba

Location: tba

Price: free of charge

ITB Speed Networking Sponsor 2018
ITB Speed Networking sponsored by Guatemala
ITB Speed Networking

ITB Speed Networking

Since ITB Berlin 2015, top buyers from ITB Buyers Circle meet exclusively with exhibitors during ITB Speed Networking.

New at ITB Berlin 2017: Exhibitors and Buyers have pre-scheduled fixed meetings for the ITB Speed Networking event within a matchmaking-tool. Exhibitors without any fixed appointments within the matchmaking tool were not able to participate at the event.

ITB Speed Networking Bild

ITB Speed Networking Event procedure onsite

Exhibitors and buyers have 8 minute slots for a first business talk. Afterwards the exhibitors move forward to their next appointments. The buyers remain at their desks and wait for their next meeting partners.


For buyers:

Christina Mestrom

For exhibitors:

Jessica Naranjo Martínez

Peter Strub, Managing Director, STUDIOSUS REISEN

"I think that ITB Speed Networking is a good opportunity to gain a lot of new contacts in a short time. My calendar is quite full during ITB Berlin and I nearly have no time to meet new exhibitors besides my scheduled meetings. ITB Speed Networking enables me to win new contacts and get to know new products before the trade show even starts. I encourage other buyers to do the same and to register for the event."

Lilijana StepanovienÄ—, Commercial Director, DELTA TOURS, Ltd.

"This kind of event is the best way to contact the buyers directly, congratulations!"

Mario Krcelic, Product Manager, ARONDA ADRIANA TRAVEL d.o.o.

"I hope that ITB Speed networking will take place the
next and also the following years. We will participate in the future."

Silvia Salmeri, Co-Founder, DESTINAZIONE UMANA

"Very useful occasion of meeting with buyers."

Melanie Endres, Sales & Marketing Europe, ANCON EXPEDITIONS OF PANAMA

"Great way to network - fast, productive and direct.”


"'Participate in the Speed Networking gave us the opportunity to reach many potential customers and make first contact."

Nguyen Thu Trang, Sales Manager, INDOCHINA SAILS

"Thanks for organizing of ITB Networking, we had a great time. Hope that will continue in coming year."

Andre Wydianto, Sales & Marketing Manager, DEWI WISATA TOUR & TRAVEL

"ITB Speed Networking is a very good session to network efficiently."