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ITB Berlin 2021 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will ITB Berlin look like in 2021? How does COVID-19 affect the event?
Herewith we want to answer you the most important questions (as of: August 06, 2020).

Feel free to contact us via itb@messe-berlin.dein case there are further questions.

Will there be a stand rental price increase for ITB Berlin 2021?

We are pleased to inform you that the prices for pure stand rental based on ITB Berlin 2020 will remain unchanged.

- Row stand (one side open): 201 EUR

- Corner stand (two sides open): 201 EUR + 17% surcharge = 235,17 EUR/sqm

- Peninsula stand (three sides open): 201 EUR + 42% surcharge = 285,42 EUR/sqm

- Island stand (four sides open): 201 EUR + 67% surcharge = 335,67 EUR/sqm

Is there the possibility of a price reduction for ITB Berlin 2021, since we, as a loyal ITB exhibitor, suffered a considerable loss at the last event and our participation in ITB Berlin 2021 depends heavily on the price sensitivity of our co-exhibitors?

The cancellation of ITB Berlin 2020 also hit Messe Berlin GmbH hard economically. In addition, we have made many investments, especially in the digital sector, to support you in your business development, in expanding your network in the ITB Travel Network or via our virtual platform Please understand that unfortunately there is no possibility of a discount. However, we are pleased to inform you that the prices for the pure stand rental based on ITB Berlin 2020 will remain unchanged.

Would you please prepare us an offer for our "old" space based on the same parameters as for ITB 2020?

We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding placement offer for the existing space. Please note that a final and legally binding registration is only valid with your written confirmation of the placement offer..

By when do I have to register as an exhibitor for ITB Berlin 2021 at the latest?

Due to the current situation, the official registration deadline has been moved back this year and is now October 1, 2020.

Until when can I withdraw from the stand offer for ITB Berlin 2021?

As in previous years, you can still withdraw your participation after you have registered your stand before signing our placement proposal. You will receive our placement proposal between promptly, at the latest between mid September and October 2020.

Have other exhibitors already been accepted or cancelled for ITB Berlin 2021?

At the moment we are collecting the exhibitors' feedback and assume that we will be able to provide you with information on the feedback from other neighbouring stands in your hall by November 2020 at the latest.

Are there already defined guidelines that restrict future trade fair appearances and which we as exhibitors must adhere to?

Here you will find the hygiene and safety concept of Messe Berlin GmbH. This applies to all trade fairs and events that will be held on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds in the future. You can rest assured that the health and safety of our visitors, customers and employees is our top priority. At the same time, there is a great need in the industry for a physical event for genuine exchange among the industry. We believe in the magic of personal contact. Especially in times of the anonymous World Wide Web, live events create a human emotional connection, which makes events like ITB Berlin so valuable. We can already guarantee the following hygiene measures:

  • Compliance with strict and increased cleaning cycles for communal facilities and contact areas.
  • All sanitary facilities are increasingly subjected to surface disinfection, and soap dispensers are also constantly refilled and disinfected.
  • The operational control of the modern ventilation systems ensures that the halls are always well ventilated.
  • Permanent, active information before and during the trade fair about the necessary infection protection measures to be observed by everyone.
  • High density of hand washing and hand disinfection facilities at entrances, information stands and catering points
  • Observance of the recognised distance rules and appeal to personal responsibility
  • Prioritisation of a "no handshake policy

In addition to Messe Berlin's responsibility, all those involved in events also bear personal responsibility for implementing hygiene and safety measures. For information purposes these measures and other general principles of conduct are announced in advance, both online and on site, on information boards and through hall announcements. The regulations can be safely implemented by the house rules applicable to all persons present.

Will ITB Berlin 2021 take place in analogue or virtual form?

We are confident that the ITB Berlin 2021 will take place, but are currently working on a hybrid solution that will digitally complement the proven physical event (for example digital networking & convention solutions). Please also take a look at the new platform, which already offers many free digital services such as daily industry news, videos on demand, podcasts and the new network "ITB Travel Network".

Is ITB Berlin 2021 a pure B2B event or will the trade fair also be open to private visitors?

As of today, ITB Berlin 2021 will take place from March 10 to 14, 2021 and, as usual, is aimed at both trade and private visitors who visit the fair at the weekend.

Will exhibitors receive a refund in case of postponement/cancellation of ITB Berlin 2021 due to COVID-19? What would this be like in concrete terms?

If we as organizers are unable to hold the ITB Berlin for reasons beyond our control, we will not charge the exhibitors any stand rental fee. The paid stand rental fee will then be refunded or, upon request, used for the next edition of the ITB Berlin. See the General Terms of Business for Trade Fairs and Exhibitions organised by Messe Berlin GmbH (PDF, 117.0 kB).

If we as organizer postpone ITB Berlin to another time period, you as exhibitor will be informed immediately. As soon as you have been informed, you will have one week to decide: Either you exhibit in the new period and the placement remains the same or you cancel your participation. The paid stand rental fee will then be refunded or, if you wish, used for the next edition of ITB Berlin.

Will exhibitors who cancel their participation in ITB Berlin 2021 after signing the placement proposal receive a refund?

As soon as you sign the placement proposal, our cancellation regulations (see point 5.1 (PDF, 77.4 kB)) come into force. If you wish to cancel your participation after signing or reduce your space, you must inform us as soon as you have made this decision. This will give us the opportunity to find another company for your stand space. If we find another exhibitor for your stand space, we will only charge you as the organizer 25 percent of the total amount due - as compensation for the additional costs. If we are unable to find another exhibitor for your stand space, you are obliged to pay the stand rent in accordance with the conditions of participation and the time of cancellation.

Will exhibitors who cancel their participation in ITB Berlin 2021 due to entry regulations or travel restrictions after signing the placement proposal receive a refund?

If the cancellation is due to officially ordered travel restrictions in the country of origin or in Germany and the travel restrictions make entry impossible or unreasonable for the exhibitor, the exhibitor will not be charged or the stand rent will be refunded. Unacceptability shall be assumed if the return to the country of origin would be impossible or would require a quarantine of more than 7 days after return or if the entry to Germany would require a quarantine of more than 7 days. Proof of travel restrictions in the country of origin must be provided to Messe Berlin by means of appropriate documentation.

When can a final decision on the organisation of ITB Berlin 2021 be expected, should the effects of COVID-19 continue?

We are confident that the ITB Berlin 2021 will take place. We are in a constant exchange with the responsible authorities and pass this information on to our exhibitors and trade fair visitors in a timely manner. In cooperation with the authorities, we are making every effort to assess the situation realistically and to communicate any cancellation of the trade fair in good time in order to avoid additional costs.