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Dr. Monika Griefahn

Dr. Monika Griefahn is a founding member of Greenpeace Germany and was Co-CEO (1980-1983). She organized campaigns against chemical pollution of rivers and the North Sea. From 1984-1990 she was the first female board member of Greenpeace International and responsible for trainings and founding new offices all around the world. 

From 1990-1998 she was Minister of the Environment in the German state of Lower Saxony. She put her main emphasis on working for renewable energy and the phasing out of nuclear power.

From 1998-2009 she worked as Member of Parliament in the German Bundestag. Her main responsibilities were in the sectors culture and media, especially new media and foreign cultural policy.

In 2012 she founded the Institute Media, Environment, Culture (IMUK) – a company with advisory services and educational occupation in the sustainability sector. Griefahn is CEO of the Institute.

From 2012-2018 she was Director for Environment and Community at cruise company AIDA Cruises, too. In that position she accompanied the company’s new alignment towards the use of LNG as sustainable fuel. Since 2018 she is doing business as Senior Advisor Sustainability at Costa Group (AIDA, Costa and Costa Asia) within the context of her IMUK work, focusing on strategic advisory services.

Monika Griefahn is engaged in numerous voluntary commitments – among others as board and jury member of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation (“Alternative Nobel Prize”) and chair of Cradle to Cradle e.V.

Contact data

Dr. Monika Griefahn
Senior Advisor Sustainability
Costa Group
Founding Member Greenpeace, Minister (ret.)
Großer Grasbrook 9
20457 Hamburg

Phone +49 15155110400

Monika Griefahn


Friday, March 8, 2019, 14.00 - 14.45
CityCube Berlin, Auditorium A3