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What we think about Global Sustainability

Each of our ITB team members is supporting our efforts to create awareness about the UN Sustainable Development Goals – as we all believe that they are effective guidelines!

We need to create better places to live to be able to invite people to visit.
Responsible & sustainable tourism can be of great help to create these places in the destinations.”

Digital Adventure & Sustainability Partner ITB Berlin NOW 2021

What are the consequences of our decisions?

We are socially responsible

As the leading trade show for the global travel industry ITB Berlin is also a driving force for corporate social responsibility. Ecological and social responsibility is a substantial task for the future and a prerequisite for long-term success, not just economically speaking.

ITB Berlin itself is committed to human rights, to the fight against sexual exploitation of children and women in tourism, to social justice and to climate, environmental and animal protection.

Report cases of sexual exploitation of children!

We are socially responsible

As the leading trade show for the global travel industry ITB Berlin is also a driving force for corporate social responsibility. Ecological and social responsibility is a substantial task for the future and a prerequisite for long-term success, not just economically speaking.

ITB Berlin itself is committed to human rights, to the fight against sexual exploitation of children and women in tourism, to social justice and to climate, environmental and animal protection.

We’re all pulling together

In order to make a lasting difference, holistic tourism concepts and a joint commitment are needed. This is why ITB Berlin uses its key position in the market to promote the dialogue and the players in the tourism value chain - tourism companies, research institutions and non-profit organisations.

Together with many partners from all over the world ITB Berlin implements and supports numerous projects in the field of Responsible Tourism.

Together for sustainable tourism!

Under the heading Sustainable Trade Show Presence we have compiled tips to help you plan and implement your presentation at ITB Berlin in a sustainable way.

Do you have a start-up or an idea for more sustainable tourism? Then take part in our Social Entrepreneur Competition! Click here for more information.

In order to drive sustainable development in tourism and promote social as well as ecological responsibility, ITB Berlin offers you a wide range of forward-looking events on the subject of corporate social responsibility as part of the trade show. We emphasize the importance of responsibility in tourism and address it through a variety of specialist presentations, discussion panels, workshops and seminars, thereby raising awareness among all stakeholders and highlighting the opportunities for sustainable tourism. All topics related to corporate social responsibility will be covered at ITB NOW in the virtual program of the ITB Berlin NOW Convention, Stage 1+2. Especially on ITB Berlin NOW Tuesday during the ITB Best Practice Responsibilty Track and on Friday during the ITB Sustainabilty Track renowned experts from the travel industry and politics will discuss strategies, best practice examples and economic potentials of sustainable tourism.
Come by our virtual ITB Berlin NOW Responsible Tourism Café and join us at the renowned ITB Responsible Tourism Networking, where event-committed tourism professionals from all over the world will exchange ideas and experiences. Details will be available on this page soon.

Especially now it is necessary to shape the new beginning of tourism in a sustainable and responsible way!

CSR Commissioner of ITB Berlin

Rika Jean-François
Messe Berlin GmbH Messedamm 22
14055 Berlin
Telephone: +49 30 / 3038-2157

Rika Jean-Francois

Important Links & Downloads:

CSR Event Programm ITB Berlin NOW 2021

We are in a constant process of creating content and dedicated panels:

  • The ITB Responsible Destination Day
  • The Tourism for Sustainable Development Day
  • The Empowerment Days 1-3 (incl. an Indigenous Travel-, a Gender Equality-, a LGBT+, an Animal Welfare session + a Female Social Entrepreneurship Workshop).

In the Palais, we give out several related Awards:

We alsosupport the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations Awards by serving at their jury for the ITB Earth Award and The ITB Book Awards by choosing a winner in the category of Social Responsibility

Additionally, ITB organizes charity events and donations for carefully selected social aid projects (e.g. related to our respective ITB Berlin Host Country or for the IGLTA Foundation at the ITB Diversity Gala)

The Blue Yonder

The innovative company practices and promotes sustainable and socially responsible travel. The Blue Yonder is the official "Sustainable Tourism Partner" of ITB Berlin. Both companies work effectively together to organize international networking events and workshops in the field of sustainable tourism.

A to Z of responsible tourism

With the help of our exhibitors and trade visitors, our partner The Blue Yonder developed the A to Z of Responsible Tourism. The informative and entertaining guide was presented as an interactive installation at ITB Berlin 2014 as well as distributed as a set of cards. Another important step to draw attention to "Responsible Tourism" and to share the knowledge in this field with many others.

Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

ITB is a member of ATTA, an international adventure travel industry organization with a mission to empower the global travel community to protect natural and cultural capital while creating economic benefits that benefit both the travel industry and destinations.

The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF) is the associated international nonprofit organization whose focus is to fund on-the-ground conservation projects worldwide. The ATCF gives its members in the travel and outdoor industries the opportunity to directly support projects that are critical to the preservation of the adventure travel industry.

German Society for International Cooperation

GIZ supports the German government in achieving development policy goals and attaches great importance to tourism promotion. As part of its long-standing cooperation with ITB Berlin, GIZ regularly designs an exhibition stand and contributes to many events on sustainable tourism development.

IITP India

Celebrating Her - Global Awards for Empowered Women - An international award of the International Institute for Peace in Tourism (IIPT), India, supported by ITB Berlin to honor outstanding women who have played an outstanding role in promoting sustainable tourism. The award was presented for the 1st time at ITB Berlin 2016 and has been an integral part of the program ever since.

Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

ITB Berlin is an active PATA member and supports the PATA Committee of Sustainability and Social Responsibilities, which works to build sustainable and socially responsible tourism in the Asia-Pacific region.


As a member of the world's largest tourism organization, UNWTO, ITB Berlin supports the implementation of the Global Code of Ethics throughout the tourism value chain.

The ECPAT campaign Protect Children from Exploitation in Travel and Tourism receives special support. As a member of the world's largest tourism organization, UNWTO, ITB Berlin supports the implementation of the Global Code of Ethics throughout the tourism value chain.


Welthungerhilfe is an international aid organization working to combat hunger and poverty. ITB Berlin supports its work by asking trade show visitors and exhibitors to help support recognized aid projects in the much-traveled and touristically attractive countries of Kenya, Peru and India.


As a partner of atmosfair, ITB Berlin has been offsetting all business flights and traveling climate neutrally since 2008. We also promote the idea of voluntary offsetting to customers and business partners as an important multiplier. Anyone who has not already offset their flight when booking can do so at the atmosfair stand at ITB Berlin or on our website.

Women for Sustainable Development & Agricultural Development and Training Society (ADATS)

ITB Berlin supports a project of these two atmosfair partners in Bagepalli, India, which finances the construction of small biogas plants. This can replace traditional fireplaces, relieve the environment through less CO², stop deforestation and protect the inhabitants from harmful smoke. Ram Esteves, director of ADATS, presents another biogas project in this video.

Berlin Aids Aid

As a supporter, ITB Berlin sponsors the Berlin Aids Aid booth, where guests can get information on the topic of "SAFER Travel". At ITB Berlin 2012 and 2013, Berliner Aids Hilfe won 1st prize in the "Best Exhibitor Award" of the Cologne Business School in the category "NGO's". ITB also supports the work of Berliner Aids Hilfe during the year.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation in Tourism (in short: Child Protection Code) was developed in 1998 by the child protection organization ECPAT, which is active in 75 countries worldwide, in cooperation with Scandinavian tour operators and the UNWTO. It is now actively supported internationally by around 1,000 tourism companies, associations and umbrella organizations in over 40 countries. ITB Berlin signed it in 2011, and "The Code", an organization founded by ECPAT, UNICEF and UNWTO, has introduced transparent guidelines and reporting procedures for implementing the child protection criteria. ITB's CSR Officer, Rika Jean-Francois, was a member of the Board of Directors of The Code International for many years. See The Code Flyerfor more information.


The ECPAT campaign Protect Children from Exploitation in Travel and Tourism receives special support. The working group supports the protection of children against sexual exploitation as a local partner in Germany. Together with ITB Berlin, an action plan has been developed. Measures include the annual sponsorship of a Child Protection Code booth at ITB Berlin and ITB Asia to raise awareness, as well as support for the German hotline for suspected cases and its European counterpart See our Child Protection flyer for more information.

Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism

ITB Berlin is a member of the "Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism" and signed the public commitment to this in 2014. We want to draw attention to the issue of human rights and encourage all exhibitors to sign the "Commitment to Human Rights in Tourism" developed as a management standard for the travel industry.

Tourism also has negative sides that cannot be ignored. Our global industry must work closely together to combat child labor, human trafficking and discrimination of all kinds. To raise awareness of this, ITB Berlin produces an annual report on the activities carried out in the "Human Rights in Tourism Roundtable".


ITB Berlin is committed to standing up for human rights in tourism. This also means supporting diversity and treating Gay & Lesbian Travel (LGBT Travel) as an equal segment. ITB Berlin is a member of the IGLTA (International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association) and supports the non-profit IGLTA Foundation as a partner. The CSR Officer of ITB, Rika Jean-Francois, is a member of the Board of Directors.

TO DO Award of the Study Group for Tourism and Development

ITB Berlin is a jury member and host of the annual award ceremony of the international TO DO Award (competition for socially responsible tourism) of the “Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung”. Its "hecklers" - critical discussions on current tourism topics - are hosted by ITB Berlin, as is the award ceremony for the TOURA D'OR film competition.

Young Euro Classic

Once a year, international youth orchestras meet at the Konzerthaus Berlin to make music in the summer. Here, outstanding artistic achievements are combined with the commitment of young people. Young Euro Classic is a musical masterpiece and a lighthouse project for the successful promotion of young musicians that transcends borders. ITB Berlin promotes this unique festival and invites you to attend the captivating concerts.

The Global Ecotourism Network

ITB Berlin is part of the Global Ecotourism Network (GEN), an organization that brings together ecotourism associations and networks, destinations, indigenous peoples, international suppliers, professionals and academics worldwide to strengthen the ecotourism industry, provide advocacy, advice and thought leadership, and stimulate innovation and authenticity. GEN sees itself as a vital resource to evaluate ecotourism implementation practices and to disseminate realistic trends, applied research, and experience-based studies.

DRV Sustainability Committee

ITB is an active member of the DRV Sustainability Committee.

Global Sustainable Tourism

ITB Berlin is a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), a worldwide initiative to promote sustainable tourism efforts. The GSTC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit council that expands understanding and access to sustainable tourism practices; helps identify and generate markets for sustainable tourism; declares and advocates for a set of universal principles defined by the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria. These criteria, a set of voluntary principles that provide a framework for sustainability for tourism businesses around the world, are the cornerstone of our initiative. For more information, visit


Support for Sozialhelden e.V., a network of volunteers who want to make people aware of social problems and encourage them to think differently. At, for example, visitors can find, mark and rate wheelchair-accessible places around the world.

National Geographic

ITB Berlin and National Geographic Traveler jointly presented the "World Legacy Awards" from 2015 to 2017. Pioneering sustainable tourism projects were honored in five categories - and recognized at a festive awards ceremony at ITB Berlin.

A World For Travel (Evora Forum)

A World For Travel(Evora Forum) that will take place in Portugal on May 10th & 11th, 2021, involves all stakeholders with mixed interests identifying threats against travel development, to react, take initiatives, reshape tourism offer to meet climate, digital, health & social requirements, fix the ongoing milestones to make it happen, create a common platform to share best practices and perspective.

Messe Berlin – environmental protection


  • 2 combined heat and power plants on the Messe Berlin grounds are an economical, environmentally-friendly energy source.
  • More than 30% of the electrical power required by Messe Berlin is produced by environmentally-friendly combined heat and power (CHP) systems.
  • The exhibition halls are equipped with heat recovery systems, i.e. all remaining heat is utilised, none is lost into the atmosphere
  • Messe Berlin strictly adheres to its energy-saving policy


The Messe Berlin grounds have many rainwater seepage facilities which enable rain to be returned to the groundwater after natural purification


  • Waste separation
  • Recycling
  • Messe Berlin has switched to FSC paper for all notepaper and copy paper.

Mobility and regionalism

  • Direct access to the exhibition grounds from the largest public transport networkin Germany. We work together with Berlin’s Traffic Management Centre to optimize traffic flows.
  • In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, Messe Berlin offers attractive special rates for train tickets to selected trade fairs in Berlin.
  • Messe Berlin recommends public transport to all exhibitors and visitors.
  • The entire vehicle fleet has been certified in accordance with European standards. Company bicycles are also provided.
  • When sourcing domestic products we do our best to ensure that delivery distance is minimized.


  • CCG uses re-usable tableware only. If organisers request disposable tableware, CCG supplies compostable tableware and wooden cutlery.
  • Care is taken to ensure that all new kitchen equipment is designed to conserve water and energy.
  • Individual, pre-packed portions are restricted as far as possible in order to reduce waste.


A World For Travel (Evora Forum)
A World For Travel (Evora Forum)